AspToDll 1.2

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Have you been worrying about where to find a suitable tool to encrypt your ASP source
codes? Writing ActiveX DLLs by yourself is such a big job both in development and
debugging. Encryption by screnc.exe, the Microsoft encryption tool, is too simple to be
decoded. Some other encryption tools may require to install third party components on the
server. Besides their suspectable effects, you may worry about possible backdoors. Still
some others are based on certain web server instead of IIS, and their performance and
compatibilities cause anxiety.
ASPTODLL is a professional ASP encryption tool which can satisfy your requirements. It
can migrate codes of all the ASP pages of a website into VB source codes, and compile them
into DLLs. No third party components are required to be installed on the server side. The
DLLs can run independently on IIS.

1) Fully encrypt source codes, therefore, fully protect your intellectual property. Its
encryption level is higher than non-compiling script encryption tools. Pages encrypted by
non-compiling encryption tools will be restored to scripts in memory at run time. However,
compiled codes can鈥檛 be restored. They will run in binary codes directly.
2) Compiled codes use less system resources, therefore the performance of the whole system
can be improved. Generally there is a 30%-40% improvement in efficiency. In the situation
of heavy loop computing, there can be 300%+ efficiency improvement.

3) The DLL after encryption can run fully compatible on the prevailing IIS platform. You
needn鈥檛 worry about compatibility problem.

4) There is no need to install any third party components after encryption, and worry
about backdoors.

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